The key to property management success

You’re ready for your summer holiday, but is your second home?

When you spend so much time and money to acquire the second home of your dreams, you would like your holidays to start as soon as possible. What if your lawn has grown too much and the pool looks more like a fish pond than a tropical oasis? Devoting half of your leave to this type of inconvenience is not part of your stay. For this reason, Knight Frank’s property management French Riviera service is essential to ensure that the holiday home is always available to welcome you. Through frequent visits, an extensive network of experienced professionals and a proactive approach to problem solving, this service offers a unique and personalized solution to second home owners. “It’s a bit like a janitor,” says Stéphane Colas, property manager, who explains that a good part of his time is spent on prevention before having to manage all the risks. “We do everything we can to ensure that our customers do not have to worry about anything and that they can make the most of their holidays. “Stéphane’s passion for perfection makes this management system offered by Knight Frank popular with secondary homeowners on the French Riviera.

Even if the potential difficulties are diverse and multiple, most are resolved as quickly as possible by Stéphane’s expertise, his local network, his bilingualism and his perseverance. Whether it is to negotiate the right rates for renovation work, the repair of your roof in the event of a storm or a night visit to your property for an alert, the quality of service exceeds all customer expectations. “The boundaries are not really there,” says Stéphane. “We will always strive to give our customers peace of mind and peace of mind. »


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